Scheduling Notifications

Scheduling helps you to set up notifications in advance for a particular date or multiple dates. You can also set up recurring campaigns.

Setting it up

To schedule a notification, go to iZooto Dashboard > Send Notification.

After filling all the details for your notification, you'll need to scroll down and select the 'Schedule' checkbox to schedule your notification.


There are two ways in which you can schedule your notification:

One Time

Select this option if you plan to send a notification on a particular date & time. You can also make sure that the notification gets delivered at subscriber’s local time by clicking on the checkbox Deliver notifications as per subscribers local time

To know more about how the local time notifications work click here.


One Time Notification


Deliver notifications as per subscribers local time Check Box


The campaign would get pushed at regular intervals either daily, weekly, or monthly at the specified time.


Recurring Campaign



By default, the end time for these campaigns would be set to ‘Never End’, creating a never-ending campaign.

  • Daily recurring campaigns run every single day at the chosen time.

Daily recurring campaign

  • Hourly recurring campaigns
  • Weekly recurring campaigns run on the chosen days and at the chosen time.
  • Monthly recurring campaigns run on the chosen dates and at the chosen time.

Monthly recurring campaign.


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