RSS Feeds Setup

Setup your RSS Feeds on the iZooto panel and use them across features.

You can add your website RSS feeds on the iZooto panel and use them across different features available to be used for your website to increase user re-engagement and re-targeting. The two most common features are RSS Auto Push Notifications and On-Site Interactions.


To get started, you would need a LIVE RSS feed (feed format - mandatory) for your website that can be added to the iZooto panel.

Additionally, ensure that the below IPs are whitelisted so that our servers are able to successfully crawl your website for information:


RSS Feed Format

We follow a specific format for the RSS feed that can be added to the panel for your website. If the feed does not follow this format, the connected features will NOT work on your website.

Feed Requirements (critical)

  1. XML Version - 1.0 or higher
  2. RSS Version - 2.0 or higher
  3. Article Title (<title></title>) - String (required)
  4. Article Link (<link></link>) - String URL (required)
  5. Article Image (<media:content><media:thumbnail><url></media:content>) - String URL (required)
  6. Article Description (<description></description>) - String (optional)
  7. Article Published Date (<pubDate></pubDate>) - String (optional)

If #1 and #2 are not followed, we will not be able to parse the feed at all.

If #3, #4, and #5 are not followed (but #1 and #2 are followed), we will be able to parse the feed; however, the widget will not show up on the website.

Example of an RSS Feed item following all guidelines

Example of an RSS Feed item following all guidelines

For more information on the feed formats that we use, see the below guides:

  1. Supported Namespace Modules by RSS 2.0 -
  2. Media Consumption in RSS 2.0 -
  3. Media RSS Specifications -

Add RSS Feeds to the iZooto Panel

Step 1

Navigate to the Settings > Setup > RSS Feeds section on the iZooto panel.

Step 2

Click on Add New, enter the Feed Name, and the Feed URL.

Step 3

Click on Save once you see the confirmation that the feed has been updated.



You have successfully added an RSS Feed to the iZooto Panel.

NOTE: If the feed is not in the prescribed format, you will not be able to save the feed.

Once the feeds are added to the iZooto panel, you will start seeing them as a list under the Settings > Setup > RSS Feeds section.

These feeds will also start showing under On-Site Interactions and RSS Automation features for your account and you can link them directly to these features as needed. Refer to the Exit Intent Recommendations Setup and RSS Auto Push Setup guides for more information.

If you turn off any of the connected feeds, then the system will stop processing the feed to store new articles. In this case, if the feed is connected to any of the features, then that feature will show old articles that were stored in the system before the feed was turned off.