Exit Intent Recommendations

Recommend recently published articles to end-users in a modal on the web page.

Exit Intent Recommendations is an On-Site interactions template that can keep the end-users engaged on the website by showing them recommended articles and preventing drop-offs.


Once the prerequisities are completed, reach out to our Solutions team or your dedicated Account Manager to start the configuration process.

Once you receive confirmation that this has been configured, follow the below steps for setup and publish to the website.

  1. Click on the On-Site Interactions button in your dashboard -

  1. Click on Get Started -

  1. Click on the Continue button in the template for Exit Intent Recommendations -

  1. Update Title and Top Border
  2. Update Trigger and Timing
  3. Turn On the Exit Intent Recommendations
  4. Publish

Customize Content & Appearance

Here you can modify the color and opacity of -

  • Title
  • Top Border

Triggers for showing Recently Published Articles -

Exit Intent - When the user tries to exit the tab or close the browser (on desktop devices) OR clicks on the browser back button (on mobile devices).

Timing - Once the end-user spends X seconds on the website

Scroll percentage - Once the end-user scroll X% of the screen


If all 3 check boxes are checked then whichever trigger is triggered first then the On-Site interaction will be displayed.


Repeat Exit Intent Delay - After X amount of time the Exit Intent triggers will be reset

Show Dismissed Exit Intent again after - The Exit Intent triggers will be reset after X amount of time when the end-user dismisses it.


  1. Click on the Template Name

  1. Check the Analytics(Available Stats - Impressions, Clicked and Dismissed)