Safari Web Push

An overview of web push on Safari browsers on different Apple devices and what is available.

Web push notifications on Safari are supported on macOS (all versions), and on iOS & iPadOS 16.4+.

Which Safari Web Push Features are Supported?

Supported Safari Web Push Features by Device Type:

macOS (Safari 15-)macOS (Safari 16+)iOS/iPadOS 16.4+
Action ButtonsNoNoNo
Launch URLYesYesYes
Custom Site IconYesNoYes

What does iZooto support for Safari Web Push on Desktop?

Safari 16 introduced a standards-based web push, which utilizes protocols and APIs that most other browsers use. It includes changes such as using feature detection instead of browser detection.

iZooto now supports standards-based web push on desktops. This eliminates the need for uploading a separate APNS certificate for enabling Web Push notifications for Safari on macOS devices.

Note: With the new standard-based web push, site icons in the notifications will no longer be customisable. Instead, they will all utilize the Safari icon by default. Standards-based Safari 16 web push does not support images or action buttons in web push notifications at this time.

What does iZooto support for Safari Web Push on Mobile?

With iOS and iPadOS 16.4+, web push notifications on mobile is now supported by Apple.

iZooto supports standard-based web push on iOS and iPadOS.

Follow our web push for iOS & iPadOS guide to set up and test notifications on iOS/iPadOS 16.4+ devices.