RSS Auto Push Notifications

For Web Push projects, now in Beta.

Rich Site Summary, abbreviated as RSS, or sometimes referred to as Really Simple Syndication, is a web feed format. In simple terms, it is a medium of content distribution. Its standardized structure allows the notifications to appear in the format of push notifications on users' screens. It is an organized update without consuming much of the user's time and resources.

What are RSS Auto Push Notifications?

RSS Auto Push enables you to send automated web push notifications to your subscribers automatically from your website's RSS feed based on the time you set. All you have to do is add an RSS feed URL to your iZooto dashboard and we will do the rest.

How do RSS Auto Push Notifications work?

iZooto parses the RSS feed every 15 minutes to check if any new article is available and adds it to the database to be sent as a new notification when the set time approaches. This is repeated every 15 minutes and the latest article available at the set time is sent as a notification automatically.

Why RSS Auto Push Notifications?

RSS Auto Push feature is essential to send automated push notifications to the users. Websites can send push messages on updated web feeds. This push notification feature is helpful for news updates, entertainment, blog posts, podcasts, etc.

RSS Auto Push notifications create a mutually beneficial setting for businesses and end-users. Sending an RSS feed through iZooto can propel the profitability of the business by saving more than 40-50 man-hours per month.

It acts as a useful reminder notifying the users that a piece of news or a new blog has been published or a new podcast is live.

An RSS feed contains the logo of the company, a brief description of the update, and a direct link to the original content of the website.

Increase Traffic

You don't need to worry about the subscribers missing out on your updates. These automated notifications send every interesting update to your subscribers and bring them back to the website.

Easy Subscription

All your subscribers need to do is click on Allow button of the push notification opt-in prompt. They don't need to provide any information like email ID, name, etc.