Android Tags


If you don't already know how to tag your users, visit this documentation.

REST API: Get Your Tagged Users

Use the following API to get a list of all the tags that you have created for your subscribers.

curl -X GET \
-H “Authentication-Token: 'Your_iZooto_API_Key'”
-H “Content-Type: application/json”

Sample Response

    "topics": {
        "Your Tag Name 1": 10,
        "Your Tag Name 2": 40,
        "Your Tag Name 3": 300

The data is returned in a JSON format where,

TypeData TypeDescription
KeyStringTag Name.
This would be the name of the tag you used while calling our addTag method.
ValueIntegerAudience Reach.
These would be the total number of users that are tagged under a particular name.

Push Campaigns to Android Tags

Use the following API to send notifications only to a specific Tag you created for your Android Subscribers.

curl -X POST \
 - H "Authentication-Token: {Your_iZooto_API_Key}" \
 - H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -d '{
 "title" : "{NOTIFICATION_TITLE}",
 "message" : "{NOTIFICATION_MESSAGE}",
 "icon_url" : "{ICON_URL}",
 "banner_url" : "{BANNER_URL}",
 "landing_url" : "{LANDING_URL}",

 "actions" : [
     "text" : "{BUTTON_1_TEXT}",
     "url" : "{BUTTON_1_URL}",
     "text" : "{BUTTON_2_TEXT}",
     "url" : "{BUTTON_2_URL}",
 "utm_source" : "{UTM_SOURCE}",
 "utm_medium" : "{UTM_MEDIUM}",
 "utm_campaign" : "{UTM_CAMPAIGN}",
 "ttl" : {TTL_SECONDS},

 "target" : {
     "type": "topic",
     "value" : "Your_Android_Tag_Name" # Replace this with your Tag Name.

"open_in_app" :{TRUE/FALSE}
}' ""

For parameter definition, please refer to this documentation.