Disable Sticky Bar Recommendations on Specific Website Pages

Instructions on how to disable Sticky Bar Recommendations on Specific Website Pages as needed.

There may be specific scenarios and use cases wherein you would not like to show the Sticky Bar Recommendations on some specific page on your website due to space restrictions, other campaigns running on the page, not enough traffic, etc. In such cases, you can follow this document to prevent Sticky Bar Recommendations from not showing up on such pages on the website.

Steps to Disable

The only change needed is to modify the iZooto initialisation script to define the Exit Intent Recommendations widget as false. Use the below initialisation script instead of the usual script:

		window._izq = window._izq || []; window._izq.push(["init",{"onsi": {"stickyBar": {"enable":false}}}]);

<script src="https://cdn.izooto.com/scripts/YOUR_SCRIPT_HERE.js"></script>



Sticky Bar Recommendations will now be disabled on the pages where you have added the above code.