Recover Abandoned Subscriptions

Convert your BOFU visitors into paid subscribers.

This playbook helps marketers provide that nudge to the Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) user and highlights their attention back to the content subscription page they dropped from.

Let's say your website has a content paywall. In this case, a lot of users might be willing to signup and pay but are often distracted from the 100s of tabs open in their browser. This playbook will capture if a user is interested in going for a paid subscription and will follow a series of pre-defined notifications that will be delivered to the end-user. This not only provides that nudge but also does that in a very personalized and custom-tailored way.
In order to understand the extent of the use cases you can have a look here.

Setting up the Playbook

In order to select this template from your iZooto Account navigate to
Playbooks -> Create -> Recover Abandoned Subscriptions.



If you don't already, read our documentation to understand about Goal and Trigger codes.

Trigerring the Notification

As soon as the user clicks on the intended CTA (Buy Now, Subscribe Now, and the likes) you can let iZooto know that the journey for this particular user has started.

You can do so by initializing the Trigger code, which can also contain personalization properties like Name. This will classify the user to receive customized notifications.

This is the same code that we saw in the above GIF and you would be able to view and copy this code from inside your
iZooto Account -> Playbooks -> Recover Abandoned Subscriptions -> Trigger (Clicked_Subscribe)


How to view and copy the Trigger code.

Sample Trigger Code

    "landing_url":"Paywall Url", // Pass the Landing URL to which the user should be routed when he clicks on the notification.
    "brand_logo":"Brand logo", // Your brand logo
    "banner_image":"banner image", // Large Image that you want to define }])

Achieving the Goal

In case the user completes the journey in the first go, or at a later point in time, we do not want to keep on sending them notifications. This ensures that the UX is appealing and the user does not end up receiving irrelevant notifications.

When the user has successfully completed the purchase and is routed to the success page, usually the Thank You page, you can pass a piece of code to let iZooto know that the intended Goal is achieved.
As soon as we have this information, we will stop sending any further notifications to this user.

This code would be available under your
iZooto Account -> Playbooks -> Recover Abandoned Subscriptions -> Goal (Subscription Paid)


How to view and copy the Goal code.

Sample Goal Code

{ }]) // Null value used to only indicate that the purchase was successful


You're done!

Please drop an email to [email protected] and we will help you in validating your playbook implementation!