Power Push: Increase Delivery Rate

Powered by Huawei Messenger Service.

Chinese OEMs command a huge market share in the smartphone market. Many Chinese OEMs terminate processes running in the background to improve battery life and limit an app’s ability to receive push notifications. Due to this limitation, users are unable to receive important push notifications.

iZooto can send push notifications powered by Huawei Messaging Service for Huawei branded devices. This is an Android push notification delivery service for Chinese devices, and the OEM has a higher regard for their push notification service than FCM.

Integrate Power Push

Make sure you've followed the steps to implement iZooto's SDK in your app. For details, refer here.

The implementation for PowerPush is now included in the normal SDK implementation - no changes or additional steps are required.

implementation 'com.izooto:android-sdk:1.6.4'


The minimum Android SDK version for Huawei Messenger Service is 19. To change the Android SDK version in Android Studio goto app > build.gradle and change the minSdkVersion value. Then click on Sync now.

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