Why does the banner image on the mobile show truncated?

The final look and feel of the banner image depend on the device and browser type. You can have a look at this preview guide before pushing the notification.

Why does the notification text get trimmed?

The characters that will be visible depends on the OS, browser, and device of the user. Hence it is always advised to send a test notification to yourself before sending/scheduling a notification. Check this guide to know the different specifications.

Can an image carousel be used on the notification?

No, web push notifications do not support image carousels or GIFs.

The notification I received has a pixelated image but the one I uploaded was a high-resolution image.

We process and optimize the image that you upload as it is. In order to avoid, system-specific issues (at the time of notification view), we recommend that you use the option of adding the image URL (HTTPS only).

I added a banner image and now the entire text is getting truncated on the test notification.

Have a look at this preview guide to get a sense of how the final notification would look like.

What does the notification expiry feature do?

This feature ensures that after the set time, no queued notifications shall be pushed to the subscribers for that campaign. For instance, if you want to send out a notification for an offer that is valid only for two hours then you can set notification expiry to 2 hours. This will mean that after the completion of 2 hours the notifications will not be sent to the subscribers.

My scheduled notifications are not being delivered at the correct time.

Check if the timezone in your profile has been set correctly. You can do that from the My Profile section.

I had pushed out a campaign and realized that there is a typo. Since it has not been delivered to all, can I recall it?

Unfortunately, once a notification has been pushed, there is no provision to stop, edit or recall it.

I have an ongoing recurring campaign. How can I edit the content of that?

You can clone the campaign and edit the content. Once done, push/schedule the new campaign and abort the earlier campaign.

The notification preview looked different to the actual notification received.

The notification preview available on the right-hand side of the send notification page is an interactive HTML. Please use the 'send me test notification' option to view how the actual notification would look on a system similar to yours.

I do not see the option to set recurring campaigns on an hourly basis.

This is an add-on paid feature. Please send a mail to [email protected] if you wish to have this feature enabled for your account.

If I disable iZooto's default UTM parameters but add my own UTM parameters to the landing page URL itself, will it work?

Yes, it definitely works. However, we recommend that you keep the source as iZooto and medium as push_notification and change the remaining parameters as per your requirement.

What is the difference between Reach and Sent?

Reach is the number of people who have enrolled to get notifications and Sent is the number of notifications sent to end users who were online.

My audience reach is 32,000 but the notification has been sent to only 10,000.

Check if the service worker file is accessible on https://mywebsite.com/service-worker.js or contact [email protected]

Why has the campaign reports not been updated?

Give 15-20 mins for the campaign reports to get updated on the dashboard, and then refresh the page.

Why is the total sent count a lot less than the segment count?

The Segment count is the total number of subscribers in the selected segment at the time the campaign was pushed; whereas, the Sent count is the number of subscribers to whom the notification was actually delivered. The Sent is usually less than the Segment as notifications might not reach all the subscribers due to a number of reasons such as network interruptions, device turned off, etc.

How is the CTR calculated?

CTR is calculated as the percentage of notifications clicked upon the ones that are delivered.

My campaign shows completed but it's not showing any stats.

Send a mail to [email protected] with the screenshot.

How can I view the date wise report for my recurring campaigns the cumulative data is shown under Campaign Reports?

Click on the campaign that you'd want to see the data for. After that, using the date and all runs filter, you can find your required data.