Go-Live Checklist

Assuming you have completed the integration and now are ready to start pushing notifications, please go through this checklist to make sure you have everything wrapped up.

1. Integration



Integration is a mandatory step.

For HTTPS websites

Make sure you have the

  • JavaScript code placed before the </head> tag of all your web pages.
  • izooto.html and service-worker.js files hosted at the root folder of your website.

Check this link to know more about it.



Some platforms like Blogger, do not have any provision for uploading files. In such cases, you need to follow the HTTP implementation.

For HTTP websites

Make sure you place the JavaScript code before the </head> tag of all your web pages.

To know more about HTTP integration, check this link.

2. Customize your opt-in prompt

The opt-in prompt can be tweaked to suit your theme. You can change the prompt design (native opt-in, dialogue box, central modal, etc.), text and background colour, and prompt delay time.

Check this link to know more.

3. Set welcome notification

Enable the Welcome your Subscriber Playbook to acknowledge people when they subscribe to your website with an automated notification.

Check this link to know more.

Now that you've checked off all the steps from the list, let's go live!💃