Troubleshooting common issues setting up and running iZooto for App Push Notifications on Android and iOS.

If you are facing any issues with our SDK on either Android or iOS, please ensure that you follow the below steps to rule out common causes.

1. Make sure you have the latest version of our SDK

iZooto regularly updates both Android & iOS SDKs. If you are facing any issue with our SDKs, chances are it was fixed in the most recent update.

You can find the most recent versions on our GitHub repository.

2. See our Troubleshooting Guides

Here is a quick reference of our SDKs Troubleshooting Docs:

3. Share App Crash Logs

If the issue is still not resolved following the above steps, please share the app crash logs through a .txt file to [email protected] explaining the issue in as much detail as possible. This would help us to better understand what exactly the issue is.