Add an iOS App

Directions on how to add an iOS app to an already existing iZooto account to start the implementation process


For iOS Apps, not Android apps

This guide is for developers who would like to start implementing iZooto with their iOS app. This guide should not be used for Android apps.


Step 1: Get your iZooto account configured to add your App

On a new iZooto account, you would only be able to add websites and not an iOS app.

To enable this feature, send an email to iZooto Support mentioning you would like to add an iOS app to your existing account. This would be enabled within 24 hours.

Step 2: Add your iOS App

Once your account has been configured to add an iOS app, you can start adding your app to the same account.

2.1 Login to your iZooto account and select the All Accounts dropdown from the top left of the page.


2.2 Click on Add Project from the dropdown.


2.3 Select iOS Push, enter the required details and click Continue.



Apple App Store App URL

Please ensure that you enter the correct app URL from the Apple App Store if the app is LIVE.

Step 3: Add APNS Details

After completing the above, you would be taken to the app configuration page to enter the APNS details for the app. If you do not already have, get your APNS .p12 Certificate.

3.1 Upload the APNS Certificate, enter the password (if applicable) and click Save.




You are now ready to setup iZooto on your iOS app and start pushing notifications.