FAQs - Billing And Payment

My audience reach is 32,000 but the notification has been sent to only 10,000.

It takes 10 minutes for the dashboard to update. If the issue still persists, then-

I have subscribed to push notifications, but I have not received any notification. What is the reason behind this?

Check if the Manifest file and the Service Worker file are added to the Root folder. If those are in place, then you can give this article a read to know other reasons.

Why has the campaign reports not been updated?

Give 30 mins for the campaign reports to get updated on the dashboard, and then refresh the page.

Why is the total views a lot less than the total sent count?

Viewed count depends on the impressions served. There could be instances when the notification has been served on the subscriber's device but he/she has not yet clicked on it. This would make the CTR low while the viewed count remains high.

How is the CTR calculated?

CTR is calculated as the percentage of notifications clicked upon the ones that are delivered.

My campaign shows completed but it's not showing any stats.

Send a mail to support@izooto.com with the screenshot.

How can I view the date wise report for my recurring campaigns the cumulative data is shown under Campaign Reports?

Click on the campaign that you'd want to see the data for. After that, using the date and all runs filter, you can find your required data. More information here.

The CSV doesn't have the run wise data for recurring campaigns.

We would soon have extended the run wise data to the CSV download too.

The count for total sent shows less than the total viewed! Is something wrong here?

Drop a mail with the screenshot to support@izooto.com

I have enabled Playbooks, but I did not receive any notification. What am I missing?

If you are on Shopify, the events are already taken care of. But if you still do not receive notifications then check if you are receiving any notification for that matter.

If your website not on Shopify, then check if the events are in place. If the problem persists, get in touch with us.