What are the different modes of payment?

The preferred mode of payment is credit cards.

Can you use PayPal for payment?

Yes, you can. Share your PayPal ID on [email protected]

How can I change my billing address?

Drop a mail regarding the same to [email protected].

Can you send the invoices to a different email?

Drop a mail regarding the same to [email protected].

I'm a paid customer, but why does it still show a 'trial message' on the panel?

Drop a mail regarding the same to [email protected].

How do I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

Go to 'Billing Information' from the iZooto Dashboard, click on ‘change plan’ and a request would be sent to [email protected] or you can directly talk to your account manager.

How do I change my card details?

To change your card details, go to iZooto Dashboard > Billing Information. And click on the edit icon on Payment Information.

I don't see my latest invoice in the account.

Drop a mail regarding the same to [email protected].

I was billed on the 20th of last month, why am I being billed on the 1st of this month?

This is to update the renewal date of your existing iZooto subscription from the 20th of the last month to the 1st of this month. Hence on the 1st, you'll be charged for 10 days on a pro-rata basis while the renewal date after that would get automatically shifted to the 1st of every month. Everything else remains the same.

Can I get a discount for a monthly payment?

Discounted pricing is available only on half-yearly and annual plans. To avail, drop a mail to [email protected]

What is the payment term for ad revenue? (for publishers only)

Our Payment Term is Net 60 Days and we can pay both via PayPal or bank transfer. Both have a transaction fee and we usually opt for the Payment Method where fees are lower. For PayPal, it is approximately 4% of the total amount whereas, in Bank Transfer, there is a transaction fee of 25-30 USD.