Export subscribers to iZooto's Messenger

Steps to migrate to iZooto's Messenger ✈️


In case you found iZooto's Messenger push notifications interesting and you feel that it could have a great impact on your website, the process to migrate to iZooto's Messenger Push from another provider is super easy.

Migration Steps

Step 1 : Connect your Facebook Page with iZooto.
Step 2 : Share the Facebook Page Scope Ids (PSIDs) in CSV Format with [email protected]
Step 3: Ask your provider to remove the persistent menu for your page on Messenger

Once the migration is done the subscriber count will be updated on the iZooto's panel.
You're all set and can start engaging your Messenger audience.🥳


How do I get PSIDs ? 🤔

The PSIDs or subscriber tokens are generally stored by your Messenger Push provider. You can ask them to share the details with you in a CSV format.


How long does it take to migrate to iZooto's Messenger?
Ideally the migration process takes between 1-2 working days.

Will my older subscribers be notified when I send a campaign from the iZooto panel?
Yes, you can now reach out to your already existing subscriber base.

What if I am unable to share the PSIDs?
The migration process will not be possible without PSIDs. You can still use iZooto's Messenger, however you'll have to again build your subscriber base from scratch.

Do I need to make any changes on my Facebook Page for setting up iZooto's Messsenger?
No, to set up iZooto's Messenger you don't need to make any changes on the Page Settings.