Power Push: Setting Up Huawei Messenger Service

Step 1: Pre-requisites

Ensure that you have integrated PowerPush SDK in your app as mentioned here.

Step 2: Register as a Huawei Developer

The first step to access Huawei Messenger Service is to register as a Huawei developer on the Huawei Website.

Step 3: Login to Console and create your Application

3.1 Once you're registered as a developer, login to your Huawei developer console.

3.2 Click on AppGalleryConnect under App Services.

3.3 Navigate to My Projects.

3.4 Click on Add Project.

3.5 Give a name to your project and click on OK.

3.6 Under the General Information tab click on Add App and fill in the required details.

Step 4: Add the Huawei Messenger SDK

Click on Add SDK under the General Information tab and follow the steps given on the Huawei console.

4.1 Navigate to the app build.Gradle (Module: app).

4.1.1 Add the below under the dependencies tag:

implementation 'com.huawei.hms:push:'

4.1.2 Add the Huawei plugin to the top of the file:

apply plugin: 'com.huawei.agconnect'

4.1.3 Add the signature configuration information to the android closure:

signingConfigs {
  release {
    storeFile file('YOUR_JKS_FILE_PATH')
      keyAlias 'YOUR_JKS_ALIAS'
      keyPassword 'YOUR_JKS_KEY_PASSWORD'
      storePassword 'YOUR_JKS_STORE_PASSWORD'

buildTypes {
  release {
    minifyEnabled false
    signingConfig signingConfigs.release
    proguardFiles getDefaultProguardFile('proguard-android-optimize.txt'), 'proguard-rules.pro'
  debug {
    signingConfig signingConfigs.release

4.2 Navigate to the project build.Gradle.

4.2.1 Add the following repositories to the buildScript tag:

maven {url 'https://developer.huawei.com/repo/'}

4.2.2 Make sure that the following are added to the dependencies tag:

classpath "com.android.tools.build:gradle:4.1.2"
classpath 'com.google.gms:google-services:4.2.0'
classpath 'com.huawei.agconnect:agcp:'

4.2.3 Add the following repositories to the allProjects tag:

maven {url 'https://developer.huawei.com/repo/'}

4.3 Ensure that you have added the agconnect-services.json file in the app directory of your app.

4.4 Add the following lines of code to your proguard-rule file:

 -keepattributes *Annotation*
 -keepattributes Exceptions
 -keepattributes InnerClasses
 -keepattributes Signature
 -keepattributes SourceFile,LineNumberTable
 -keep class com.hianalytics.android.**{*;}
 -keep class com.huawei.updatesdk.**{*;}
 -keep class com.huawei.hms.**{*;}

Step 5: Enable Huawei Push

Navigate to Huawei Push Kit on the Huawei panel and click on Enable Now to start using Huawei Messenger services.

Step 6: Getting the App ID and Secret Key

Once your application is created on the Huawei console, go to the General Information and get your application details.


Once you have these details - please write to [email protected] to get these configured for your account.

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