Common questions about iZooto's App Push Notifications.

Which mobile devices support App Push Notifications?

iZooto supports app push notifications on iOS 10+ and Android 4.4+ (API level 19 and higher). This covers 99% of active devices.

How do I add images and icons?

iOS Push Notifications use the icon of your app.
Android Push Notifications can be customized using our Android Notification Icons guide.

Why are my push notifications not showing?

Please see our Notifications Not Shown on Device guide.

Why are my push notification images not showing?

Please see our Notification Images Not Shown on Device guide.

Can I setup custom Notification Sounds?

Yes, this can be done and it is highly recommended & encouraged!! Custom sounds can be used to provide a more unique branded experience for your app every time a notification is received. See Android Custom Sounds and iOS Custom Sounds for details around implementation.

How to setup Call to Action buttons?

Call to Action Buttons let users take action directly within a notification, streamlining their experience.

How do I generate a Firebase Server Key?

Please see our Generate a Firebase Server Key guide.

How do I generate an iOS Push Certificate?

Please see our Generate an iOS Push Certificate guide.