Clearing Cache and Resetting Push Permissions

Reset browser permissions and data

Even if your settings are configured correctly if you had previously used incorrect settings, push notifications may not work due to invalid permissions or background worker states. These steps will reset your site's notification permissions, clear your site's storage, and remove our background worker.

What happens when I clear browser cookies?

When someone clears their browser cache/cookies/history, this prevents the browser from getting all push notifications from sites to which they are subscribed.

When this happens, it wipes all data about the user, like the browser key. This is stored in the IndexedDB of the browser.

Clearing browser data does not reset push permissions to the website. When a user, who has cleared the browser data, returns to the website, the iZooto SDK check the permissions and if push notifications are allowed, it automatically resubscribes the device to push, which creates a new push record (browser key).

Reset Chrome on Desktop

  1. Click the "lock icon" next to your URL in the Chrome browser.
  2. Next to "Notifications", select "Reset Permissions". If you do not see this, skip to Step 3.
  3. Click "Cookies" to open the browser's "Cookies in use" page.
  1. Find and select your site (if you do not see your site, skip to Step 8).
  2. Click Remove.
  3. Click Done.
  1. You should see a dropdown prompt to "Reload the page". Click the Reload button.

If you have set up the opt-in prompt to appear immediately, you should now see a prompt on your website. Do not attempt to subscribe to your website yet.

  1. If you are using a sub-domain like, you will need to follow the above steps again for website.

Optional: Visit chrome://serviceworker-internals/ in a new tab and press the "Stop" and "Unregister" buttons under any scopes that contain or If they won't remove, make sure all tabs or windows pointing to either domain are closed.




Open a new tab to your website and try it out.

Reset Chrome on Android

  1. Open Chrome on Android.
  2. Tap the 3-dot menu.
  3. Click on Settings.
  1. Click on Site Settings.
  2. Click on Notifications.
  1. Ensure the toggle next to "Sites can ask to send notifications" is turned on.
  1. Find your site in the list below "Allowed".
  2. Click on the entry for your website.
  3. Click on "Remove".



Open a new tab to your website and try it out.

Reset Firefox on Desktop

  1. Click the "Permissions" icon next to your website URL.
  2. Next to Send Notifications, select the "X" button next to Allowed.
  1. Click the "lock" icon next to the website URL.
  2. Select Clear Cookies and Site Data.
  1. Click on "Remove" on the popup dialog that opens.



Open a new tab to your website and try it out.

Reset Firefox on Android

Please follow this Firefox guide to clear all your browser data.

Reset Safari on macOS

Apple does not support Web Push on iOS (iPads and iPhones) or Safari on Windows.

  1. Click "Safari" at the top menu bar.
  2. Click on "Preferences".
  3. Click on "Websites".
  4. Click on "Notifications".
  5. Select your website.
  6. Click Remove to delete Notification Permissions from your site's entry.

Deleting Notification Permissions for macOS on Safari

  1. Click on "Privacy".
  2. Select "Manage Website Data".
  1. Search for your website and select it.
  2. Click Remove or Remove All.
  3. Click "Done".



Return to your website and refresh the page, you should now access it like a first time visitor.

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