Messenger Push Notifications

Messenger push notifications are broadcasted media-rich messages that are sent to users who have either initiated a chat with you on Facebook or have given permissions (similar to the classic web push notification permission) to you on the website itself.

Messenger push notifications appear on all the browsers, operating systems, and devices that have messenger installed in it. No restrictions at all.

Why Do I Need Facebook Messenger Push Notifications?

1. Wider Target Audience

Businesses can target an iOS user with messenger push notifications. Hence, people using iPhones and iPads are reachable. Web Push notifications are still not compatible with iOS.

2. Higher CTRs

Messenger Push Notifications gets 2X CTRs as compared to Web Push Notifications and almost 8X as compared to emails.

3. Longevity

Unlike Web Push, Messenger Push Notifications can remain in your inbox for a lifetime. Web Push Notifications have a certain lifespan. And once in the notification tray, they tend to be far from a user's reach.

How Will The Subscriber Journey Be Like?

1. Users will get to see the prompt on a web page. There would be a visible pop-up on the bottom right side of the screen.


2. Once the user clicks on the "Send to Messenger" CTA, he/she would be taken to his messenger inbox where he can be greeted with a Welcome Message.


Understanding Industry-Wide Use-Cases

1. News and Media

Since Facebook is a go-to platform for people seeking their daily dose of updates. Publishers can keep their readers engaged with relevant news pieces. They can send out notifications containing the latest published articles, stock market updates, cricket scores among others.


2. Content Publishers/ Bloggers

Bloggers can use it to share their latest blogs, send notifications according to the genre readers are interested in. Use it to interact with your readers, asking them questions about the content you develop.


3. Travel

People are really frantic when it comes to travel. Whether the hotel bookings are confirmed or not, whether the flight or the train is running on schedule or not. Is it safe to travel owing to weather change, etc. Travellers should be kept informed on these grounds and there's nothing better than notifications landing directly in their inbox.


4. SaaS

Leveraging Facebook Messenger push is a good idea for SaaS companies. Customers can be informed about new product features and updates.


5. E-Commerce

Reminding customers about the product left in their cart, telling them about the latest trends in fashion, or helping them choose the right product better suited for their needs. This helps users interact with your brand hence better sales conversion.