App Push Notifications

What are App Push Notifications?

App push notifications are messages that pop up on a user's mobile device and are used for alerting or communicating with users in real-time. Push notifications are delivered instantly to a mobile device, regardless of whether the device is locked or unlocked. Push notifications are delivered even if the user is in a different app or away from the app sending the push notification. A notification is received if the app is in:

Background - The user opened the app and moved away from it. The app can still be opened from the Recents apps window.

Foreground - User has the app open on the device and is currently interacting with it.

Killed - App is closed and removed from the recent app window. No background activity is running for the app.

iZooto offers App Notifications to the leading platforms in the industry.

Engage your Android app users.
Engage your iOS app users.

How will the subscriber journey be like?


Once your App is Integrated with iZooto, you need to push an update of your application to the Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple).

For Android

Android considers an app download as consent to receive push notifications. No explicit consent is required (Android 12 and below). This means that once a user downloads and installs your iZooto integrated application, they’ll be automatically opted in to receive notifications. They would have to launch (open) your application at least once for the handshake to happen.

This behaviour is set to change with Android 13 as Google has announced that developers will have to explicitly ask for permissions to send push notifications. Details are available here.

For iOS

iOS will present the users, who download your application with an opt-in prompt which looks as follows:


By default, this opt-in is shown when the app is opened for the first time. Users can click on "Allow" to start receiving notifications and he/she would be considered as a subscriber the count of which would increase in the iZooto Dashboard.


You will start capturing the Subscribers on your iZooto Dashboard.

Why do I need app push notifications?

First Communication

Be the first message customers see when they pick up their mobile. App Push Notifications allow you to interact with your subscriber even when the application is closed.

Drive Repeat Traffic

Pushing relevant information will lead to higher Click-Through-Rates thus increasing the traffic count on your website and eventually boosting revenues.

Understanding Industry Wide Use-Cases

News and Media

Publishers can keep their readers engaged with relevant news pieces. People spend significant time on their mobile phones. This screen time can be taken advantage of. Publishers can send out notifications containing the latest published articles, stock market updates, cricket scores among others.


Content Publishers / Bloggers

Bloggers can use it to share their latest blogs, send notifications according to the genre readers are interested in.



People are really frantic when it comes to travel. Whether the hotel bookings are confirmed or not,
whether the flight or the train is running on schedule or not, whether it is safe to travel owing to weather changes, etc. Travellers should be kept informed on these grounds. When notifications like these are a part of the notification tray on the mobile device, it makes the travel experience easy.


Customers can be informed about new product features and updates.



Reminding customers about the product they left in their cart, telling them about the latest trends in fashion, flash sales, or discounts. Keep your consumers on their toes and give reasons to shop.


What’s Next

Let's have a look at the integration instructions here.