Migrating to iZooto

Yes, you can migrate your existing subscribers to iZooto. The migration happens automatically as soon as the user updates his app containing the iZooto SDK from the App Store or the Play Store.

How does it work?

Whenever an app goes live with iZooto, it starts capturing new subscribers and also starts moving the existing subscribers (that is, users who would have subscribed to notifications with the previous tool). The existing subscribers won’t be asked for push notifications consent again as they are already subscribed to the app, and they will start moving to iZooto as and when they update their app to the latest version that has the iZooto SDK.

What would be the visible impact on iZooto’s panel?

The Number of subscriptions flowing in the system would be higher in the initial few days as it will account for both existing (app updates) and new subscribers (fresh install). The customer would be able to reach out to all the subscribers from day 1.

What’s the process to enable this?

There is no additional step that the customer would need to take to enable the auto-migration. The process would kick off as soon as the app goes live with iZooto and users update to the latest version.

Will my existing subscriber have to re-subscribe?

  1. Your existing subscriber base won't be presented with any opt-in seeking consent again.
  2. Whenever an earlier subscriber updates the app, the iZooto push notification SDK will get enabled, making him eligible to receive push notifications. Since this process depends exclusively on the app update, the migration of your subscriber base can take anywhere between 1 to 6 months.
  3. With this in place, you will see the count of subscribers decreasing on the earlier provider's dashboard while it increases on the iZooto dashboard, which will be a combination of your subscribers being migrated and new subscribers being acquired.


You can speed up this process by pushing campaigns from the earlier provider's panel for a few days so that more subscribers can be reached out and prompted to update the app.

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