GDPR Compliant Subscription Prompt

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area. It also governs the way users are asked to subscribed to any communication channel and the user data that gets captured.

iZooto is a GDPR compliant offering. iZooto has provisions to ensure that users are informed about the kind of data that we capture at the time of subscription. Users can choose to opt-out of sharing this information.

  • If a user clicks on "Allow" on the GDPR permission prompt, his/her data shall be tracked and stored and can be used by the website to send contextual and retargeting campaigns.

  • If a user clicks on "Not now", his/her location and all additional user properties and events (page visits, button clicks, add-to-cart, form submissions, successful transactions) will not be tracked. No user-specific data would be captured and segmentation would only be possible on the basis of Device Type and Subscription Date. They will, however, receive the broadcast campaigns that are pushed to the ' ALL' audience.

Setting up Your GDPR Compliance Prompt

The GDPR Compliance Prompt can be found under Settings >> Setup >> Opt-in.

Toggle On the button corresponding to it.


Design Options for your GDPR Compliance Prompt

iZooto gives you 3 design options

  • Sticky Header

  • Sticky Footer

  • Central Modal


Customizing your GDPR Compliant Prompt

You can only change the Content of your GDPR Compliance Prompt.


Here is the specification for all text elements for different GDPR Compliant Prompt designs:

GDPR DesignMessageButtons
Sticky HeaderCharacter - 200
Lines - 2
Lines on Phone - 3
Character - 10
Sticky FooterCharacter - 200
Lines - 2
Lines on Phone - 3
Character - 10
Central ModalCharacter - 200
Lines - 2
Lines on Phone - 3
Character - 10

Set GDPR flag off for a subscriber

Customers can turn off behavioral data capture for specific subscribers using the following function. Customers can design their own opt-in or pass information captured earlier and set the value to true or false.


Remove all data of a subscriber

You can remove all the data of a subscriber using this function.