What is the difference between playbook and ‘normal’ retargeting campaigns?

Normal Retargeting CampaignsPlaybooks
Notifications are sent to a particular segment at a fixed time with a specific frequency.Playbooks, on the other hand, are triggered by events and are personalized.
Notifications are generic retargeting notifications.Notifications sent via Playbooks contain the name of the product/category viewed along with the image of the product.
For example, If you create a segment - Subscribers who added to cart in the past 2 hours, and if Jane abandons a cart at 1 PM and Mathew abandons a cart at 2 PM, both with be sent a generic notification at the same time, as both of them come under the 2 hours bracket.For example, If the playbook is set for 2 hours, Jane would receive a notification at 3 PM and Mathew would receive a notification at, along with the Product Name and the Product Image, which would help them recall the product and lure them to make a purchase.

I am an existing iZooto user running my store on Shopify. How do I activate playbooks for my account?

You need to drop an email to [email protected] with the subject line "Activate Shopify Playbooks". Playbooks will be activated for your account within 48 hours. In case your account doesn't show the Playbooks tab, feel free to ping us.

Which plan are the playbooks available on?

Currently, Playbooks are available only for customers who have subscribed to the Business plan.

Can a subscriber become a part of the same playbook more than once?

For Welcome Your Subscribers Playbook, no subscriber can be added to this Playbook after the third notification has been received. For the other Playbooks - Recover Abandoned Carts, Retarget Product Viewers and Engage Collection Visitors, subscribers who had been a part of these Playbooks earlier can enter it again if they do another activity that falls under the definition of each of these Playbooks. All three Playbooks work for the last item viewed/abandoned.

Let's say Product A was abandoned but before the playbook could complete its course, another product B was abandoned. In this case, the subscriber will move out of the playbook for Product A and the one for Product B would get activated.

Will a subscriber get enrolled in both Retarget Product Viewers and Engage Collection Visitors if he/she visits a collections page and then views a product from it?

No. Let's say John Doe views the Trousers collections page and then abandons it. He gets enrolled to the Engage Collection Visitors Playbook and receives the first notification. Upon receiving it, he further moves to a product page. In this case, he would be moved out of the current Engage Collection Visitors Playbook and enrolled into the Retarget Product Viewers Playbook.

However, a person enrolled in Retarget Product Viewers Playbook cannot move back to Engage Collection Visitors Playbook. He/she can move further ahead to only Recover Abandoned Cart Playbook.

I clicked on the Recover Abandoned Cart Playbook notification. However, it led to me a blank cart page!

There are 2 scenarios in which this can happen:

I: The session duration of your cart page is less than the notification duration. Hence, when you reach the cart page, the earlier session containing your cart details got expired.

II: You had updated/removed the items in your cart but that event hit was not sent to iZooto.


For the Recover Abandoned Cart Playbook to work, the recommended session duration of the cart page is 24 hours.

Are Playbooks DIY?

Yes. You can create Playbooks from scratch to suit your business needs.

Can I remove/ add another notification to the existing playbook?

As of now, you can not add or remove a notification from the Playbooks.

I have enabled Playbooks, but I did not receive any notification. What am I missing?

If you are on Shopify, the events are already taken care of. But if you still do not receive notifications then check if you are receiving any notification for that matter.

If your website not on Shopify, then check if the events are in place. If the problem persists, get in touch with us.

Do all plans cover Recover Abandoned Tab Playbook?

No, the Recover Abandoned Tab Playbook is available on the Growth and the Enterprise plan.

Can I personalize the notifications in the Recover Abandoned Tab Playbook?

Yes, you can personalize the notifications with these pre-built personalization properties - title of the article, the landing page URL, and the feature image.

Can I send more than 1 notification per user in the Recover Abandoned Tab Playbook?

You can send 1 notification in one hour of the user abandoning the tab. The next notification will be sent if the user abandons the tab after an hour.

Will the notification be sent if the user closes the tab?

No, the notification will only be sent if the tab is open.

If a user has abandoned 2 articles how many notifications will be sent?

In case, the user abandons 2 articles, the Playbook will send a notification for the last visited website URL.

If a user abandons the tab, after how long would the notification be sent?

The notification delay by default is set to 5 minutes and can be changed from the iZooto panel.