Android React Native SDK Setup

These are instructions to include the native Android SDK in your react native app.

Follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Prerequisites

  • Your iZooto App ID. You can find it under Settings in your account.
  • Google/Firebase Server API Key
  • Android Studio
  • An Android 4.3 or newer device or emulator with 'Google Play services' installed.
  • Google-Services.json file should already be added to your project. Learn More.

Step 2: Add iZooto Dependencies

2.1 Open your app/build.gradle (Module: app) file, add/modify the following lines of code inside the Android > defaultConfig section:

android {
    manifestPlaceholders = [
        izooto_app_id : 'YOUR_iZOOTO_APP_ID_HERE'


Sync Gradle

Make sure to press "Sync Now" on the banner that pops up after saving!

Step 3: Add the iZooto SDK

3.1 Navigate to your project directory in a terminal window and run the below command to add the iZooto SDK to your project.

npm install react-native-izooto --save



Head over to the package.json file and verify that "react-native-izooto": "^1.1.0" has been added.

Step 4: Import and Initialize iZooto

4.1 Add the below code to the App.js file to import iZooto SDK to your project.

import iZooto from 'react-native-izooto';

4.2 Add the below snippet of code to your default class in the App.js file to initialize iZooto.

componentDidMount() {

Step 5: Run and Test you app

Run your app on a device or the Android emulator to make sure your device is subscribed to notifications and can receive notifications sent from the iZooto dashboard.


Make sure that you have configured your FCM Server API Key and Sender ID corresponding to you Android Project on iZooto.

Click here for a guide.

Step 6: Customize what your app does when a notification is clicked or received (Optional)

Notification Handlers

onNotificationReceivedListener - This will be called when a notification is received.

onNotificationOpenedListener - This will be called when a notification is tapped on.

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