Growth Tool: Comment to Inbox

Boost subscriptions on Messenger! 🚀

Given, the huge traffic on Facebook News pages, comments can be a great entry point to engage your Messenger audience. Comment to Inbox provides you with the ability to reach out to people who comment on your Facebook Post and convert them into subscribers for Messenger Notifications.
Facebook users who comment on your Facebook Page post are sent an automated message, that consists of a CTA button. Users who click on the CTA are captured as messenger subscribers, so you can grow your messenger audience from your Facebook Page.


Did you know?😲

In a month a Facebook user likes 10 posts and comments on 4 posts on an average.

End-user flow

-> User comments on your Facebook Page post
-> A personalized message with a CTA button is sent to the user directly in their Messenger Inbox.
-> The user clicks on the CTA.

The subscription is captured and you can engage the user by pushing out Messenger Campaigns.

Advantages of Comment to Inbox

  • User who comment or engage with your Facebook post are very likely to opt-in to notifications.
  • The opt-in message is sent personally to people in the messenger inbox, so even if the user is not logged in
    to messenger app, he can subscribe any time.
  • The subscription message and CTA is customisable, so you can create an ice-breaker question to improve

Best practices to increase post comments

  • Initiate debates on your post and ask people to share their thoughts in the comment section.
  • Create quizzes on your Facebook Page post, so that people share their answers in the comment section


How do I enable it on my Page ? 🧐

Enabling comment to inbox is super easy.

  • Decide on a message (Recommendation : Use emojis and keep the message as catchy as possible)
  • Decide on a CTA text (Recommendation : Ask questions such as "Interested in Sports?" to make it

Write to [email protected] along with the details. We'll enable it on your Page as soon as possible 🥳


When will I receive the automated message?
The message is sent immediately, as a user comments on the post. The user will be notified that he has received a message from the page.

What if I do not click on the message CTA ?
In case you do not click on the CTA, your subscription will not be captured. You can subscribe to messenger later by clicking on the CTA button.

Will I receive multiple messages, if I comment more than once ?
Yes, the users will be sent a message every time they comment on the post.

Will I still receive the message if I am already subscribed to the page from my Facebook Account ?
No, if you have already subscribed to the the page you shall not receive the opt-in message.

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