Two Factor Authentication

2-factor authorization for your iZooto account.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication provides an additional authentication layer to ensure only you can access your iZooto account.

In addition to your email address and password, Two-Factor Authentication requires you to install an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator on your personal mobile device. When you log in to iZooto, you will be prompted for a verification code generated by the authenticator app to access your iZooto account

Supported Authenticator Apps

We recommend using Google Authenticator, but any authenticator app that supports a Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) mechanism, including Microsoft authenticator, Authy, etc. can be used to set up Two-Factor Authentication on iZooto.

How to setup Two-Factor Authentication on iZooto

Step 1 - Download Authenticator App

Download Google Authenticator and install it on your personal mobile phone.

Step 2 - Login into iZooto and Navigate

  • Navigate to the Profile Section of your iZooto account and click on My Profile.
  • Scroll to the bottom of this page and you'll see an option to enable Two-Factor Authentication.

Navigation from My Profile section.

Step 3 - Setup Authenticator App

  • Enable the toggle for Two-Factor Authentication in your iZooto Account.
  • From the authenticator app on your mobile phone, scan the QR code or enter the Secret Key displayed on the iZooto setup screen
  • Enter the six-digit verification code from the authenticator app on the iZooto setup screen

Step 4 - Generate Recovery Codes

Upon successful set up of an authenticator app, you will have the ability to generate a set of 10 recovery codes. These codes can be used to login into your iZooto account if you don't have access to the authenticator app.

Note: For security purposes, iZooto will display the recovery code only once. Please download or copy these in a safe place. In case you lose the recovery codes, you can generate a new set, invalidating the old recovery codes, from your Profile page.


Recovery Codes

New Login Flow after Two-Step Authentication is Enabled

  • Enter the email address and password AND
  • Enter the authentication code from the app OR Enter one of the recovery codes

Email and Password


2FA code.