Reporting APIs

Available for Web Push, Android and iOS Projects!

Reporting APIs would allow you to make a GET request to our servers with a unique API Token, to receive a response with campaigns and their respective stats that have been pushed from your iZooto account. This will help you get the maximum from your iZooto account, especially if you use a single system to manage everything - like a Content Management System (CMS).

Once you receive the response in JSON, you can filter each object based on date and further visualize the data to make it consumable and easy-to-understand.

A typical Reporting API response would include:

  • Campaign Name
  • Sent Time
  • Audience Name
  • Segment Count
  • Clicked
  • CTR
  • Email of user who sent the campaign

Types of Reporting APIs

Last 50 Campaigns

This GET API would provide you with a list of Last 50 campaigns that have been pushed from your iZooto Project.


Since there is a possibility of clicks increasing during the day, you might receive different responses for the same campaign - based on when the API is called.

Reports for a Specific Campaign

This API would be useful if you're using APIs to push notifications and need to get the stats for any single campaign.
While you use our POST API to push notifications, as soon as you receive a 200 Success in the response, you would also receive a unique Reference ID.

That Reference ID can be used as an input for this GET API so that information is only received for a specific campaign.


Both the above API services will be throttled to 10 requests per minute (for each unique IP).

Getting Started

In order to receive provision to these APIs please drop an email to [email protected] and our team will get in touch with you to understand the use-case and assist with implementation. :)