Webhooks for Reporting

If you want to track the performance of campaigns pushed using APIs at your end as well by using the reporting webhooks mentioned below.

As a prerequisite, you will have to iZooto with a URL that can be used to capture the responses by emailing us at [email protected].

You will receive campaign statists corresponding to the notification ID and the event type.

The event types are as follows:

  1. Notification View
  2. Notification Click

When enabled, it will send out a JSON response on the given API.

A sample of the JSON payload is given below.

"action": "Click",
"cookie_id": "7e32b7a1-acfc-45db-83fb-766d2a8a2bce",
"cid": "1123123",
"notification_title": "My Campaign Name",
"reference_id": "123422",
"utm_campaign": "recover_carts",
"utm_content": "Article",
"utm_medium": "push_notifications",
"utm_source": "izooto",
"utm_term": "notification3",
"clicked_button": 2


actiontype of event (Click/View)
cookie_idunique ID of the subscriber
cidCampaign ID (iZooto's Internal)
notification_titleTitle of the notification
refernce_idRun ID
UTM Parameters
- campaign
UTM Paramters details
(Leave it blank if not present)
clicked_buttonIf any button is clicked may be button 1 or button 2.