Recover Abandoned Carts

Recovering abandoned carts is the most crucial form of retargeting for an e-commerce website. Since the buying intent of the users who abandon their carts is the highest, it is important to retarget them at the right time, with the right content and of course at the right frequency.

iZooto allows marketers to automate these retargeting campaigns at a daily and real-time basis.

Daily Retargeting

Using the audience builder, the abandoned cart audience can be created for 1 day, 2 days, etc depending on the average purchase cycle of your website.


Once done, schedule a recurring campaign for this particular audience. Set the frequency to daily and select a time that you believe is suitable for both desktop and mobile subscribers. Alternatively, you can even create separate audiences to retarget mobile and desktop abandoned carts.


After its scheduled, on a daily basis at the time chosen, this campaign would be pushed to all those subscribers who abandoned their cart in the past 1 day (2 days, 3 days, etc).


Real-Time Retargeting


Only for Enterprise Customers

We should start using such call outs when trying to explain a feature

This is an add-on paid feature that can be availed by sending a mail to [email protected] With the help of this, marketers can retarget subscribers abandoning their cart within an hour.

The audience needs to focus on subscribers who added items to their cart and did not purchase and also did not add any new items to the cart.

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At the time of scheduling the campaign, the frequency needs to be set to hourly and the time as every hour. This will ensure that every hour, this campaign is pushed to all those subscribers who abandoned their cart in the past 1 hour.


You can also use Playbooks to send personalized notifications to your users, triggered at specific user actions such as cart abandonment