Playbooks Introduction

A Playbook is a series of automated notifications to help you engage, retain and re-target your notification subscribers and drive sales. Playbooks enable you to send personalized notifications and automate the redundant task of sending notifications.

How does a Playbook work

Subscribers get enrolled in a playbook as a response to their actions on your store. Every playbook has a different activation trigger. For instance, subscribers will become a part of Recover Abandoned Carts playbooks as soon as they abandon their shopping cart.

Integrating a Playbook

On Shopify, Playbooks are auto enabled after the integration.

On all other platforms, custom JS codes need to be implemented.

Understanding Subscriber Journey within a Playbook

After getting enrolled in a Playbook, a subscriber will exit the Playbook only if:

  • The playbook gets completed i.e. all the notifications are sent as per the defined timings. OR
  • The goal of the Playbook is achieved i.e. the subscriber performs the desired action

For instance, a subscriber will move out of the ‘Recover Abandoned Carts’ Playbook when he/she receives all the three notifications or completes the transaction.

Enrolment Criteria

Playbook Enrolled

Activity Viewed collections page but did not move to product page

Enrolled Engage Collection Visitors

Viewed product page but did not add to any item to cart

Retarget Product Viewers

Engage Collection Visitors

Added items to cart but did not transact

Recover Abandoned Cart

Retarget Product Viewers

Transacted successfully

Retarget Product Viewers

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Playbooks Introduction

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