Messenger Push Notifications

This document lists down step by step procedure and the list of prerequisites that needs to be followed.

What are the prerequisites to setup Messenger Push Notifications?

  1. A Facebook page that has existed for at least 90 days.

  2. Domain & Business should be verified by Facebook.

  3. Be registered as a News Page Index. This is a foundational step to help Facebook identify Pages that primarily publish news content on the platform.

  4. iZooto Web push notifications set-up should be completed and working.
    You can choose to set up Web Push Notifications Manually or by using a WordPress plugin.


Read the guidelines laid out by Facebook

The links above should come in handy to understand Facebook's policy for Messenger Push notifications.

How to register for News Page Indexing?

Admin of the page needs to access Business Settings >> Registrations >> News Pages >> Select the Page.

  1. Complete the Business and Domain Verification and hit Submit.



The NPI approval process could take up to a few weeks. It is suggested that you complete this procedure beforehand.



If the Facebook Page is not NPI approved and you have started sending Messenger Push Notifications, you risk your Facebook Page being blocked by Facebook.

How to Set-up Messenger Push Notifications on iZooto?

  1. Click on Add Project from the top-left dropdown.

  2. Select Messenger as the Platform.

  • Input Title
  • Select the Website from the drop-down

  1. Under Setup:

    1 (a). Click on Link your Facebook here

  • You will be redirected to Facebook login.
  • Login to your Facebook Account
  • Select the Facebook page you want to connect to.
Messenger Setup PageMessenger Setup Page

Messenger Setup Page

How to Connect Facebook Page.How to Connect Facebook Page.

How to Connect Facebook Page.

Once connected, you can see your page details on the iZooto Panel including:

  • Page Name
  • ID
  • URL
  • Logo

1 (b). Change Opt-in configurations. ( Optional)

  • You can change the message of the Opt-in prompt
  • Set the repeat prompt delay


Repeat Prompt Delay

This feature ensures that the Messenger Opt-in will not be visible before x minutes of the next visit.
For example, repeat prompt delay is set for 30 mins. The opt-in will not be visible to the user before 30 mins for the next visit.

Hit Save and you are done!

How would the Opt-in look like?

On Desktop:

Opt-in prompt as seen on Desktop.Opt-in prompt as seen on Desktop.

Opt-in prompt as seen on Desktop.

On Mobile:

Opt-in prompt as seen on Mobile.Opt-in prompt as seen on Mobile.

Opt-in prompt as seen on Mobile.

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