Migrating to iZooto

Migrating from another service provider to iZooto is an easy process. However, keep in mind that it's a gradual process and depends on the below factors:

  • Protocol of your website - HTTP or HTTPS
  • Ownership of subscribers
  • Influx of repeat traffic on your website


The first and foremost pre-requisite is that your website is on HTTPS. HTTP websites typically take subscriptions on the service provider's subdomain and hence migration of subscribers is not possible.

Secondly, if you are using your own FCM details, please mention the same at the time of integration itself so that so you do not lose your subscribers later as by default everyone gets mapped to iZooto's FCM details.


  • Remove the earlier provider's pixel (JS code), manifest file and service worker file
  • Integrate iZooto's pixel, manifest and service worker files by following the Integration Instructions under Settings in the iZooto panel

For more information on integration, check this article.

User Experience

Whenever an earlier subscriber revisits your website, his/her subscription would get mapped to iZooto's without them having to re-subscribe. Since this process depends exclusively on your repeat traffic, the migration of your entire earlier base can take anywhere between 1 to 6 months.

You can speed up this process by pushing campaigns from the earlier provider's dashboard so that more subscribers can be reached out and prompted to revisit the website.

You will see the count of subscribers decreasing on the earlier provider's dashboard while it increases on the iZooto dashboard which will be a mix of your earlier subscribers and new ones that you acquire.

Migrating to iZooto

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