You are just a few steps away from pushing your first web-push notification. Let’s understand the components associated with a notification on the iZooto platform.

Components of a Notification

The elements associated with a push notification are as follows:

1. Notification Title

An eye-catching title is what grabs everyone’s attention and gets the maximum clicks. Add emojis to further solidify the emotions. The recommended limit is 25 characters; however, the final look and feel depend on the device and browser.

2. Notification Message

A description supporting the title conveys what the subscriber should expect after clicking on it. You can even add emojis to make your message more relatable.The recommended limit is 56 characters; however, the final look and feel depend on the device and browser.

3. Notification Icon

The default icon is a bell. Since the recall value is maximum with a brand logo, we recommend that you use a 100x100 logo which is less than 20 KB.

4. Landing Page URL

The web-page where you want your subscriber to be redirected after clicking on the notification.

5. Banner Image

Banner images are supported from Chrome 56 onwards on Android and Windows (on MAC, banner images are not supported from Chrome 59 onwards). Images help you to amplify your message and make your notification visually appealing. We recommend that you use an image URL instead of uploading an image for better optimization and adherence to the aspect ratio.

6. CTA Buttons

Upto 2 CTA buttons can be added. However, they are supported only on Chrome. These buttons can be even used to redirect a subscriber to a landing page, for sharing messages on social media platforms and/or triggering the dialer pad open (on mobile devices/)

7. UTM

Urchin Tracking Module will help you analyze the performance of each campaign using Google Analytics. By default the below fields get pre-populated:

  • Source - izooto
  • Medium - push_notification
  • Campaign - title of the notification

8. Expiry Time

An expiration time ensures that your subscriber doesn’t get spammed if he/she is not available for a set up after the notification is pushed. Let’s say you have a flash sale that will last for 3 hours only. You push a campaign to John who is traveling and away from the internet. When he reconnects after 5 hours, he receives a notification which talks about a sale that had happened 2 hours back! This is an experience that should definitely be avoided.

9. Audience

This refers to the subscriber segment you want target to when pushing a notification.

10. Time of Push

The time when you want the notification to be pushed - immediately, at a later date or on a recurring basis.


Follow the below steps to create a notification you want to send.

Log into your iZooto dashboard, click on Send Notification

1. Add the Basics

Fill in your Notification Title, Notification Message, Notification Icon and Landing Page URL

2. Make it Visually Appealing

Add a banner Image and CTA buttons to draw attention of your subscribers and if you wish to add multiple links on a single notification

For example, clicking on the image will take the subscriber to https://abc.com/sale-items whereas clicking on the CTA ‘Go to my account’ will open the account page.

3. Set up Tracking Parameters
Add unique UTM parameters for each campaign so that they can be easily distinguished on Google Analytics for performance optimization at a granular level.
4. Set up an Expiry Time
By default, the notification is set to expire in 1 day to avoid spamming a subscriber. However, please change it as per the campaign intent and purpose.
5. Audience Selection
Select the correct audience segment << linking needs to be done >>> that you want to push the notification to.
Click on Schedule notification later if you want to push it at a particular time or any interval and Push Now if you want the notification to be pushed immediately.
6. Preview
Click on Send me a test notification, to see the preview on your device and modify the content if required.

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