Creating Audience

In order to send the contextual notification to your subscribers, you need to segment them based on their activity on your website and their properties. Those segments are called as "Audience" in the iZooto panel.

Pre-Defined Audiences

iZooto captures these additional information about the subscribers (apart from the browserkey) - device type, location and subscription date. Based on these, 5 pre-defined audiences get created.

Using the above audiences, you can push campaigns to subscribers who are only on a particular device and/or have subscribed yesterday for instance.

Behavioural Audiences

Using a combination of events and properties, audiences based on various behaviour and activity can be created.
Let's say you want to create an audience for desktop subscribers who added items to cart but did not purchase anything yet. Here are the steps to create it: For more information on how to set up a campaign for the abandoned cart audience, read this article.

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