Setting Up Your iZooto Panel

The first thing which you see after logging into your iZooto account is your dashboard wherein you will get an overview of the daily subscribers on the basis of browser, device, and demographics.

At the very top of the panel, a blue drop-down menu would show the name/URL of the website that you have added. In case you wish to add more websites to your account, simply click on + Add Website and then add the URL.

In addition to that, you can see most recent notifications which have pushed.

You can also, download a report about your subscription acquisition date wise across all device types. This will help you analyze your subscription trend better. And, further, optimize your campaign and take the necessary steps to improve your website for better subscriber acquisition.
The dashboard also shows the subscriber data of the top 5 cities and countries. It is usually seen that total subscribers do not match the geographical distribution stats. This is because this data shows the subscriber distribution of only the top 5 countries. 


Overview of your subscriber acquisition based on browsers, devices, demographics and recent notification sent by you.

Send Notification

To send a web-push notification, head to the dashboard > Send Notification.

Notification Reports

Head to the Dashboard and then on Campaign Reports. This helps you analyze the performance of your notifications.

Choose from these statuses to further drill down the campaigns listed-

Scheduled - Campaigns that haven't been push out yet, but have been set to be sent at a late date/ time.
For example, you have a sale on gadgets that starts tomorrow. You can schedule them well in advance and make sure that it is pushed out at the right time.

Running - These are the campaigns that are ongoing.
For example, you have set a recurring campaign for a sale on shoes that lasts for a week. While it has just been 2 days, it will continue for 5 more days.

Completed - The campaign that has already been pushed to the user.
For example, the notification you had sent this morning, has already delivered to the users.

Aborted - The campaigns that are scheduled, but halted.
For example, a campaign on a sale of superhero t-shirts that were deleted as the sale had shifted to next week.

You can further drill it down by applying these statuses to these two campaigns-


Type - Filter out campaigns on basis of frequency like

  • One-time - That is/will be pushed just once
  • Recurring- Campaigns that are scheduled for more than a day

Create an audience

To segment your subscribers based on their properties and activity on your website. You can go through this article to know more

Set Welcome Notification

To set a welcome notification to welcome your newly subscribed users, which will be sent right after their subscription.


  • Integration Instructions - Instructions to integrate your website with iZooto in order to send web-push notifications.
  • Modify Subscription Prompt - This allows you to prompt your site visitors with a visually appealing subscription prompt. Where you can set the context why you want them to subscribe and set a more logical timing for the prompt. So, they are not prompted just after they visit your site.
  • Get API Key - where you get API key to send notification using iZooto API
  • General Settings - For some default settings for your site, FCM, notification, and archive.
  • Add more users - Add/Remove other administrators to your iZooto account.

Add More Users

If you have multiple websites added to your account and have separate teams handling them. You can invite your colleagues and team members and provide various access based on the nature of work that they would be doing using the iZooto account.
Below are 4 access types, you can assign to the new administrators added to your account.
Super Admin: This person would be able to view all websites added to that account and have access to all features/functionalities related to each website.
Administrator: This person would have full access to a particular website to which he/she is made the admin of.

Reader: This person would have only view access to most of the functionalities and cannot push campaigns or create audiences.

Pusher: This person would be able to carry out all the major functionalities of the platform like pushing campaigns, creating audiences, etc.
In order to add a new user, log in to your iZooto panel and click on Settings >> Add More Users
Super Admin access
The account with which you had signed up would automatically have account wide access and hence it’s called Super Admin. In case, you need to provide more users with access to the full account, you can do so by clicking on Add Super Admin. An email with an activation link would be sent to his/her email address.
Access to a Particular Website
In order to add your colleague or team member to a particular website, select the website from the drop-down menu and click on Add User
Fill in the name and email of the team member, select the appropriate access control type viz. Admin, Read Report or Send Notification and click on Create. Once done, an email would be sent to the user you just added for activating the account.
Deletion of Super Admin and Members
Any member can be deleted by selecting the trash can icon next to them. Additional Super Admins too can be deleted. However, the Super Admin via which the sign-up has happened cannot be deleted from the panel.

General Settings

Before you start pushing notification to your subscribers, you can make some default settings to make your experience in the platform smooth.
Site Details
You can add your site logo, which will be acting as default logo for all your push notifications. In addition to that, you can add a Site Title as well. This helps a lot when you have multiple websites and you need to toggle between them frequently.
Chrome Project Details
In order to update your FCM details, replace the iZooto default FCM project number and API key for your website with your own FCM details
Then you'll be asked to enter you FCM details viz-a-viz "FCM Sender ID" and "FCM Server Key", then hit "Submit". This will register you for FCM Migration and will notify your service provider about the same.
It’s recommended to use your own FCM always. Doing that will ensure a seamless migration of your subscribers from one service provider to another.
Notification Settings
You could also auto-hide the notification to give a better UX. Twenty seconds is the ideal time for floating the notification on the user’s browser.
Applicable for Chrome on Desktop only

Setting Up your iZooto Profile

In order to select the default the time-zone, and the website you want to be opened when you log in to your account. Follow the below steps:
    • Click on the profile logo on the top left-hand side the dashboard
    • Select My Profile and set the time zone and default website at login
    • Click on Save after doing the necessary changes
The default timezone is set as Asia/Kolkata (GMT + 5:30)

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