Playbooks Introduction

A Playbook is a series of automated notifications to help you engage, retain and re-target your notification subscribers and drive sales. Playbooks enable you to send personalized notifications and automate the redundant task of sending notifications.

How does a Playbook work

Subscribers get enrolled in a playbook as a response to their actions on your store. Every playbook has a different activation trigger. For instance, subscribers will become a part of Recover Abandoned Carts playbooks as soon as they abandon their shopping cart.

Integrating a Playbook

On Shopify, Playbooks are auto enabled after the integration.

On all other platforms, custom JS codes need to be implemented.

Understanding Subscriber Journey within a Playbook

After getting enrolled in a Playbook, a subscriber will exit the Playbook only if


  • The playbook gets completed i.e. all the notifications are sent as per the defined timings. OR
  • The goal of the Playbook is achieved i.e. the subscriber performs the desired action

For instance, a subscriber will move out of the ‘Recover Abandoned Carts’ Playbook when he/she receives all the three notifications or completes the transaction.

Enrolment Criteria

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