GDPR Compliant Subscription Prompt

Since GDPR requires businesses to ask consent explicitly from their users regarding the storage and use of personal data, we at iZooto have done our part to help.

Three additional prompts, specifically asking for permission to track a subscriber's location and activity has been added to the panel. These would be shown to users from EU only.

If a user clicks on "allow" on this added permission prompt, his/her data shall be tracked and stored and can be used by the website to send contextual and retargeting campaigns.

If a user clicks on "not now", his/her location and all additional user properties (including device, subscription date, and other custom properties) and events (page visits, button clicks, add-to-cart, form submissions, successful transactions) will not be tracked. They will, however, receive the broadcast campaigns that are pushed to the audience - All.

Subscription UX

The GDPR compliant prompts can be found under Settings > Modify Subscription Prompt > Enable iZooto On by enabling the toggle button.Three designs are available and the default content can be edited if required.

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The message field is not a mandatory one on the subscription prompt

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