Introduction to Web Push Notifications

Before using iZooto's Web Push Notifications, let's understand the basics of push notifications:


Web push notifications are clickable rich content messages sent to your device by a website or a web app. Push notifications are delivered to your mobile device or desktop, even when your browser is closed. As these notifications are pushed to user’s device, users don’t have to be present on the specific website to receive these notifications.

  • On Mac, these notifications are now delivered directly to the Mac OS Notification Center.
  • On Windows, these notifications are displayed above the taskbar.
  • On Linux, these notifications are displayed in the top right section of the browser.
  • On Android, these notifications are displayed in the notification tray.
Apple is yet to support web push notifications on iOS.
Web push notifications aren't supported in the Incognito mode of browsers



For a detailed guide, click here



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