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Q 1: My desktop website runs on https://mywebsite.com while my mobile website runs on https://m.mywebsite.com. Do I need to add two different websites on the iZooto panel?

No, since both the websites are on the same domain, you can place the pixel on the desktop website and it will work for both mobile and desktop. However, in the rare scenario where both websites are on 2 different domains (https://mywebsite.com and https://mymobilewebsite.com), they would have to be added individually on the iZooto panel and each will have its own integration instructions and subscribers.



Q 2: What happens if I already have a manifest file on my website? Should I rename iZooto's file and upload it? (Valid for HTTPS websites only)

There should be only one manifest file per website (<link rel="manifest" ... ). If, in case your website already has a manifest file, you can:

  • Copy the contents of iZooto's manifest file into your existing manifest file


Ensure that the gcm_sender_id is the same as the mentioned inside iZooto's manifest file The manifest file needs to be placed in the root folder. If root folder is not accessible, you need to contact [email protected] with the mail subject, <Website name>: Root Folder Inaccessible.
  • Remove your manifest file from the website (in case you are not using it)



Q 3: Will iZooto integrate with another service worker on my website?

You can append the contents of iZooto's service worker to your existing file.



Q 4: Can I upload the files - manifest.json and service-worker.js to my CDN?

No, both these files need to be placed in the root folder of your website.



Q 5: Is it possible to host iZooto's SDK at my end?

Please drop a mail to [email protected] and we shall revert with the steps.



Q 6: Can I test it on localhost before going live on my production website?

Testing on localhost is not possible. We recommend that you add a staging website and test it there before pushing it to the production website.



Q 7: Should I add a new website to my iZooto panel when I move from HTTP to HTTPS?

No, when you wish to move from HTTP to HTTPS, send a mail to s[email protected] requesting the migration of subscribers and for the additional two files that need to be uploaded to your root folder.

Subscriber migration has a one time fee of $200 attached to it.



Q 8: My website is on HTTPS. However, I still get the second prompt window.

  • Re-check if you have placed the manifest and service worker files in the root folder of your website.
  • If you have, verify if they can be accessed at https://mywebsite.com/manifest.json and https://service-worker.js



Q 9: The notification prompt says mywebsite.iz.do wants to show notifications - How can I remove that so that it says mywebsite.com wants to show notifications?

  • HTTP websites - notifications can be taken on an HTTPS subdomain only and hence, the subdomain iz.do would be shown. 
  • HTTPS websites - check point 8



Q 10: I have clicked on 'allow' on the subscription prompt but do not see the count increasing on the iZooto dashboard.

  • HTTPS websites - check point 8 above

  • If you have migrated from some other service provider, check if all files/pixels related to it has been removed
  • In case neither of the above holds true, send a mail to [email protected]



Q 11: I am unable to see the subscription prompt after integrating. What do I need to do?

  • Please check if the Manifest and Service Worker files are in place. You need to copy & place the JS code before </head> tag on all website pages.

  • Another reason you might not be able to see the subscription prompt might be due to cache. Please clear your cache Right click > click on Inspect >Application >Clear storage >Clear site data >Reload the site.

  • Try checking on a different system.



Q 12: I have installed the Wordpress plugin but do not see the subscription prompt, What do I need to do?

Check the js code if it’s correct. The manifest file needs to be accessible first, so if there are any other manifest file, either remove it if they are not using it or else they can append the GCM id in the existing manifest.




Q 13: I do not see the subscription prompt on iPhone. Why is it so?

As of now, Apple does not support web push notifications on iOS. Here is an article that can read to know more, and stay updated about the status of push notifications on iOS.



Q 14: If I decide to move out of iZooto, what are the next steps?

  • HTTP websites - If subscriptions are/were taken on iZooto's subdomain, you would have to rebuild your base from scratch
  • HTTPS websites - If you are using your own FCM details, the browser key dump would be provided to you at the time of migration

Read more about migration here.



Q 15: How do I Migrate to iZooto from a different web push notification provider?

Migrating to iZooto is an easy process. First and foremost it requires your website to be on HTTPS. Then all you have to do is -

  • Remove the earlier provider's pixel and manifest file but ensure that the service worker file is still intact
  • Place iZooto's pixel along with the manifest and service worker

Read more about migrating to iZooto in this article



Q 16: I wish to migrate to iZooto from another service provider. Can I use my earlier base to push notifications?

Yes, you can use your earlier base to push notifications. Refer to the steps mentioned in the answer above. Once you are done with that, we shall verify the integration and enable the migration so that as and when your earlier subscriber re-visit the website, he/she becomes a subscriber on iZooto and gets churned from the earlier provider. 

It is imperative for the earlier subscribers to revisit the website atleast once so that the migration can be achieved. Hence, this process gets gradually completed and not overnight or within a day.



Q 17: How do I set up my own FCM ID?

Read this blog for more information.



Q 18: I want to migrate from iZooto's FCM to my own FCM. However, I already have 32,000 subscribers on my account. Will I lose them?

We recommend that you share your FCM details at the time of integration itself so that from day 1 subscriptions can get registered against that FCM ID. If you change the ID later, notifications to those subscribers (in this case 32,000) would not get pushed and you would see a definite drop in the notification delivery stats.



Q 19: How can I change the look and feel of the subscription prompt?

Go to Settings > Modify Subscription Prompt.



Q 20: Can I use different sets of prompts for mobile and desktop?

Yes, you can select different sets of prompt for both mobile and desktop. Head to the Dashboard > Settings > Modify Subscription Prompt. 



Q 21: Can't I change the font color, size, and background of the subscription prompt?

No, at the moment this is not possible.



Q 22: I am unable to see the edited custom prompt after making the changes. Why does this happen?

After changing the subscription opt-in, allow 2-3 minutes for the dashboard to get updated. If you still cannot view it, clear your browser cache (CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + R) and check again.



Q 23: I have integrated iZooto on my website, but I do not get a subscription prompt on Safari. What do I need to do?

Please check with us if the safari certification has been enabled, as we do this on a request only basis. If you still can not see the subscription prompt send us a mail on [email protected]



Q 24: I want the subscription prompt to get fired only on a particular page/action button.

While we recommend that you place the pixel before the </head> tag of your website, we do understand that sometimes you might want to trigger it after a particular activity or only for a certain page. Read this article to know how it can be done.



Q 25: I subscribed to web push notification on my website, but the count has not increased on the dashboard. Why is it so?

It takes 10 minutes for the dashboard to get updated. Refresh the dashboard and then check after 10 minutes.




Q 26: The total number of active subscribers do not add up to the geographic distribution stats.

The geographic distribution shows the stats for only the top 5 countries and cities and would, in most cases, it will be less than the total active subscribers.




Q 27: Why do I see a bar on the top right of the dashboard that says 'Notification 1/5'?

If you are the solo plan, the platform restricts you to 5 notifications every month. In case you are on another plan, and still see it, drop a mail to [email protected]



Q 28: How do I change of primary email ID?

Send a request to [email protected]



Q 29: Where can I find information about my subscribers like email ID?

We do not track subscribers email id.



Q 30: Can I push notifications using iZooto's APIs?

Yes, APIs are available for all paid plans. Request for your API key from Settings > Get API Key




Q 31: Handling Subscription across multiple domains (s) or sub-domain

You don’t have to add subdomain separately until and unless you want to acquire the subdomain subscribers separately.



Q 32: How can I delete a website from the iZooto panel?

Go to Settings > General Settings > Delete


Ensure that you choose the correct website from the blue drop-down menu on the top left of the panel


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