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Q1: How do I integrate with Wordpress?

A: You can use our Wordpress plugin to integrate with your website. Read the integration guide here.


Q2: I have multiple websites on Wordpress. Can I add them under a single account on iZooto?

A: At the time of integrating the Wordpress plugin for a new website, use the same details of your earlier iZooto account. This will ensure all your websites are under the same account on iZooto.


Q3: How do I integrate with Blogger?

A: Blogger doesn’t allow you to upload files to the root folder or any other folder. Due to this, if you have an HTTPS website, you need to it add it as HTTP and follow the instructions here.


Q4: How can I integrate web push notifications for an HTTP website?

A: You can check this article for information related to integration on an HTTP website.


Q5: I have multiple sub domains - https://a.mywebsite.com, https://b.mywebsite.com and of course https://mywebsite.com . How will the integration work?

A: There are two ways in which integration can happen: 

I: Add each domain separately so that every domain has its own subscription prompt. This means that each of these domains would have their own subscribers and notifications would have to be sent separately for each domain. The downside is that 1 person can be subscribed to multiple domains and hence would receive multiple notifications.

II: Have one common subscription prompt so that no matter which subdomain the person subscribes from, he/she becomes a subscriber for all domains. This means that only one domain gets added and notifications can be sent together to all the subscribers or can be segmented as per the domain that he/she subscribed from. This custom integration has a cost attached to it. Please contact [email protected] for more information.


Q6: Can iZooto push a notification whenever a blog gets posted on my Wordpress website?

A: This can be done by using our integration with Zapier.


Q7: Can I send notifications via APIs?

A: Yes, you can. More information can be found here.


Q8: Can I push notifications to my email marketing list?

A: No. In order to push notifications, a person has to subscribe to notifications.


Q9: Can I segment my subscribers on the basis of the content categories on my website and then push notifications?

A: Yes, segments basis the content categories can be done by passing custom JS codes. Please contact [email protected] OR your account manager for more information.


Q10: How can someone unsubscribe from notifications?

A: Read this blog for more information.


Q11: I had pushed a notification but its stats are not reflecting under Campaign Reports.

A: Read this article for more information.


Q12. Why do I not see the Revenue Dashboard option on the menu?

A: Please drop a mail to [email protected] 


Q13: My ads had started yesterday. However, I still do not see any revenue on my dashboard.

A: It takes a minimum of 2 days for the revenue data to get reflected on the dashboard. So, if your ads have started from let's say Monday, you'd see the revenue data only from Wednesday onwards.


Q14: Can I have more than 2 ads pushed in a day?

A: No, the count for ads would be 2 per day. This is done keeping in mind that you would already be pushing 4-5 notifications per day and the whole experience should not be spammy for your subscribers. 


Q15: It's been a month and I haven't yet received my payments.

A: We have a Net 60 Days Payment Term



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