FAQs - Billing

Q 1. How to get the invoice?
You can get a copy of your invoice by logging in to your iZooto account. Click on "$ Billing Information" on the left-hand bottom corner and then under "Payment History" you will be able to find all your invoices till date.
Q 2. Where can I see my payment history?
You can see your entire payment history under "Payment history" section of the "$ Billing Information"
Q 3. How can I change my card details?
You can edit your card details from the "Payment Information" present in "$ Billing Information".
Q 4: I wish to discuss the pricing for a customized plan which would be more suited to my needs. Who do I need to approach for this?
Send a mail to [email protected] and we shall get in touch with you.
Q 5: Why do I see multiple invoices for a particular month?
Any upgrade and/or prorata charges get reflected as a new invoice which is separate from your renewal invoice. If you account was upgraded or any prorata charges were applied, you would see multiple invoices.

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