FAQs - Subscriber Segmentation

Q 1: How do I pass events for my account?

  • If you are on the Advanced Plan, your account manager would get in touch with you a customized tracking plan which includes what can be tracked on your website, what events need to be passed in order to track those activities and the sample JS codes.


Q 2: I have the sample code shared with me for the add to cart event. Do I need to pass all the associated parameters with it for every single product individually?

If you have the data layer implemented, you can fire the event and pass the properties automatically via Google Tag Manager. If not, please share these codes with your developer who would help you to pass them dynamically.


Q 3: I can see the tags being fired on GTM but it's not reflecting on the iZooto panel.

Check if the tag(s) has been published.


Q 4: The Google Analytics data for abandoned cart users and the iZooto panel data is vastly different. Why is that so?

Google Analytics considers your entire traffic but iZooto panel would show the data for only the subscribers. Hence the gap would always be there.


Q 5: I had used Tags earlier. Can that data be migrated to Events?

No, the syntax for both is different. We would recommend that you migrate to events asap as tags have been phased out since events help you in better filtering by taking the recency and frequency of the activity into account together. If you need any help, send a mail to [email protected]


Q 6: Can I edit an audience?

No, once created, an audience cannot be edited.


Q 7: Is there any limit to the number of audiences I can create?

No, there isn't any limit.


Q 8: Can I create an audience that excludes an already existing audience?

No, this feature is currently not there.


Q 9: Can I create an audience on the fly; at the time of pushing a campaign so that I do not have to save and it's like a one-time audience?

Each and every audience that you wish to use needs to be created and saved before being able to use it for a campaign.


Q 10: Is there a limit to the number of events that can be passed?

Yes, up to 8 events can be passed.







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