Assign Subscriber ID

You can assign a unique ID against each subscriber as mentioned in the example. The value here refers to the subscriber ID stored at your end.


window._izq = window._izq || [];window._izq.push(['add_property',{ name : 'subscriber_id', value : '{Subscriber ID}'}]);


Sample Code

window._izq = window._izq || [];window._izq.push(['add_property',{ name : 'subscriber_id', value : '0123abcdef987'}]);
Above code assigns subscriber ID 0123abcdef987 to the subscriber. You can pass subscriber IDs for all the website visitors. However, a fraction of these visitors would actually subscribe to notifications. iZooto stores IDs only for the subscribers, not for all the website visitors. You would obviously need to know which all of these visitors actually subscribed to notifications. You may use callback function defined below to find out subscribers.

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